Etiquette Plus

What is Etiquette Plus?

Through Etiquette Plus our desire is to teach and coach children, teens, and adults how to recognize and define their own inner-self, inner-beauty, and inner strength. Our goal is to help people appreciate the art of good manners and proper etiquette.

Everyone likes to be treated with courtesy and respect. Good manners and good fun go hand-in-hand. It is our desire that you will allow us the opportunity to teach your young ladies and gentlemen how to conduct themselves properly in any social setting. We also have classes for adults who are interested in refining their social graces, dining etiquette and business protocol. We help them enhance their confidence in any situation, giving them an edge, both socially and professionally.  

Our classes teach lifelong skills, self-control and discipline. These are the qualities that set apart the leaders of today -- and tomorrow!

Children who learn the importance of civility and acquire the skills of etiquette early in life have greater potential to step forward to meet their lifelong goals. Those with proper etiquette training are more likely to carry themselves in social and dining situations with confidence. We will give them the tools in a motivational environment and builds self-esteem and the desire to present oneself properly in any setting.

Although hospitality is valued worldwide, because of our fast-paced lives, the teaching of etiquette skills is often neglected. Etiquette is becoming a lost art, however, polite individuals are noticed. They stand out! Their manners shine! Here's the best news; Those polished skills can be mastered -- with the proper instruction -- at any age.


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